Confidence Vs Competence

Confidence Vs Competence

Confidence Vs Competence !!

There are too many incompetent men in coaching and mentoring business — in large part because people believe in people on the basis of charisma, confidence, and even narcissism.

I really appreciate the efforts of the real mentors and coaches who have transformed the lives of the people in true senses.

It has been predominantly observed that during the covid times and continuing, lots of people have become coaches and trainers, assuming that this is a marketplace to make short term money.

Self-branding, engaging people with their real and fake stories and making themselves visible first and then looting people in the name of giving 5X/10X business growth and so on.

Social media has been a boon for them in promoting themselves at a low cost.
The point here which I want to make is that people should be able to distinguish between CONFIDENCE & COMPETENCE.

A confident person and a good communicator, don’t necessarily mean to be a good coach or mentor.
Telling stories and giving solutions to real business challenges are entirely two different aspects.
The worst part is that buyers just take decisions after seeing a few testimonials ( mostly fake or paid), not checking on their qualifications and credentials.
Not all, but a few people get trapped as they love to hear stories and lose their hard-earned money. The result is depression, anxieties etc.

Hence, a sincere request – Don’t promote incompetent people, Don’t trust people with closed eyes and closed minds.

Fortunately, you can use scientifically valid assessments to measure the traits you want (or don’t want) in your coach/mentor. You can ask coaches to take self-assessments, and then measure their responses against their coaching style, performance, and effectiveness. The resulting data will help identify patterns that characterize good and bad mentors.
Of course, this practice will take time and effort, and many people won’t want to invest those resources. But vetting coaches for a real positive outcome will pay dividends down the line.


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