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About Me

I’m Father of 2 talkative BOYS | 9 waiving TREES | husband to one of the amazing PRINCESSES of the world | An Engineer by PROFESSION | An Entrepreneur by CHOICE | A Traveler by PASSION | An Author at HEART | FOUNDER of 2 companies | A successful  Result-driven BUSINESS COACH/CONSULTANT.

Academic Qualifications

  • I’m an Engineer (B.Tech – Manufacturing Engineering) from NIAMT, Ranchi.
  • A Post Graduate in Business Administration from Emeritus Institute of Management, Singapore.
  • A certified Digital Marketing Expert from IIT Delhi.
  • A hard-core professional who has walked the path starting his career as a GET, travelled across countries, worked in different domains, different industries, different multinational companies at different hreirarchial positions for 10+ years, then started my own entrepreural journey and now running multiple successful businesses for the last 13+ years.
  • Combining overall experience of 22+ years, with a team of seasoned professionals with similar credentials, we are on a mission to help aspiring entrepreneurs to build a successful Start up and make it sustainable and profitable in the longer run.
  • We have promised ourselves to transform 100,000+ lives by 2025 by adding value to their entrepreneurship journey.

I’m on a mission to BRING A CHANGE by helping:

  • All MSME’s /business owners/entrepreneurs to build, scale up their businesses in multiple levels of ROI and help them be TIME-INDEPENDENT.

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