level 3 salespeople

Level 3 Salespeople

We all are SALES PERSON for some kind of Products or Services if we are in Business.

The much-required profession is SALES, through which revenue is fetched for the organization and hence the salespeople are paid handsomely.

But do you know What level of Sales Expertise you have?

Do you fall under the category of REACTIVE, PROACTIVE or PREDICTIVE?

What should be your next approach towards being a better version of the SALES PERSON?


It’s harder than ever to. Differentiate yourself in a market where almost all products or services look the same. People are also trying to reduce costs so they can win on price. But you can only discount for so long without spiralling into the pricing death spiral.

So, what can we do?


Let’s first walk through the 3 levels of salespeople (obviously, I want you to be at level 3).


If you understand where you’re at today and I can push you to Level 3 then pricing and competitive differentiation will melt away when you know how to do Level 3 sales activities.


Level 1: You solve a customer’s problem. You react to their problem and tell them how your product or service can help them. You’re reacting and responding to their problem – nothing wrong here.


If we want to up our game, we go to Level 2. This isn’t about the client telling you what is wrong, this is about you identifying and highlighting a problem the customer has, making them aware, and then providing the solution. This is a more proactive approach. As a Level 2, you can see ahead and consult on options. This is where most of the best salespeople are.


If you want to get to the top of the top – what you want to do is anticipate the problem the customer is going to have and explain to them why they need to expeditiously make a move with your product or service. This is the true Consultative Mode.

People want for you to identify problems they’re having, but if you can anticipate a problem they have before it has caused any issues (revenue loss, unnecessarily high costs), you’ll gain their trust and confidence in you and your product.

Most companies are so focused on short-term results, they’re not looking at the long-term pitfalls. When you come in you have an objective perspective and you can zoom out and see a high-level perspective of where things are going for your clients.


This requires a little more research and thought on your part, however. You’ll have to understand:

  • Their product
  • What they’re offering
  • Their customer bases
  • The market (of your product and your client’s product).


Customers will stop seeing prices or differentiators. They begin to see you as that person who will guide them and become a partner in their business. Instead of a salesperson or supplier, you become part of their ‘team’. This is how you win in today’s hyper-competitive market.




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