Electronic vehicle vs solar

Why We Can’t Have Solar Powered EV?

Why can’t electrical vehicles be powered with Solar Panels?


Or is it going to be the next industrial revolution?


In India, as on date approx. 70% of the electricity is being generated through coal, which is a diminishing natural resource.

We are talking about Electrical Vehicles, definitely a great idea, but is it really going to help us save the environment?


How are we going to power those electrical vehicles?

Lithium-ion Batteries?


BEVs use electric motors and motor controllers instead of internal combustion engines (ICEs) for propulsion. They derive all power from battery packs and thus have no internal combustion engine, fuel cell, or fuel tank.

Electric Vehicles are powered by electricity from an outside source, such as a home or public charging station. Since they are powered by electricity and not burning fuel, battery electric vehicles do not physically emit any greenhouse gases.

Electric cars rely on regular charging from the local electricity network. The power plants providing that energy aren’t emission-free; even in California, 60% of electricity came from burning fossil fuels in 2015, while solar and wind together made up less than 14%.


My 2 questions to all the EV manufacturers/Regulatory governments authorities/environmentalists/Investors/Researchers ARE:



Would love to get answers from the experts?

I’m big fan of technological innovations and try to keep myself updated not in terms of knowledge but also implementing that knowledge in practical senses.

I have little knowledge of this particular subject but am really concerned and thought to ask.

Your comments and answers please!

Adding more, I want to tell all the EV manufacturers like Mr. Anand, Mr. Ratan Tata Ratan Tata, the big business houses and the government Mr. Nitin Gadkari that our country is still running on fossil fuels.


The Lithium-ion batteries are just power storage devices. To charge this major chunk of upcoming electrical vehicles, how are we going to produce electricity?


It’s like lowering the carbon footprints on the roads and increasing the carbon footprint in the air. Pollution level near to the earth’s surface would be lesser but it would more in the atmosphere overall.


Every Technological advancement comes with some benefits and some demerits.


If we are on the way to innovate something for the long term, why don’t we think of a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution?


The ONLY solution which I see is to integrate the EV power requirements with Solar energy.

As a kid, I used to think a lot about technological upgradation with time. Few examples I would like to quote here:


  1. Long back in early 90’s, I could foresee that every house would have their own DISC ANTENNA. It is with us today by the name DTH.
  2. I had imagined a movable / cordless phone, which later developed into WLL and now mobile phones.
  3. I foresee every house having its own solar power supply in the near future and many more like this.
  4. There are upcoming virtual and augmented reality products and services; which means you imaging something and you can have a picture of the same. The 3D printing is one of those.


Looking forward to the real innovation towards helping human species with a better environment for the next generations.


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